Tarangire National Park


Sixth largest national park in Tanzania

  • It covers an area of approximately 2,600 square kilometers or 1,100 square miles

  • The landscape varies from granitic ridges to river valley and swamps.

  • Vegetation is a mix of Acacia and Baobab trees, woodlands and seasonally flooded grassland

  • The park’s namesake, the Tarangire River, winds through the middle of the park and provides the primary source of fresh water for animals in the Tarangire ecosystem

  • The park is known for its high concentration of elephants

  • In 2015, a white giraffe was spotted in the park

  • It has many Baobab trees, large, impressive trees that can live for thousands of years.

  • Several wildlife research projects are currently in the park. They include the Tarangire Elephant Project, Tarangire Lion Project, and Masai Giraffe Conservation Demography Project