Our Fleet

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2015 Land Cruiser

At Tanzania Adventure Tours, we use a 2015 land cruiser, 4 wheel drive safari vehicle. It’s equipped with all necessary tools needed during safari.

  • Accommodates 7 people, each with a window seat

  • fridge for cold water and soft drinks

  • radio call for communications to find better game views and other updates

  • Inverter for recharging electricity devices during game drives

  • Air condition

  • USB / CD player

  • unlimited safari mileage "free range game drives"

  • WiFi on board

  • Detachable windows for photographers 

  • Tracking device for safety

Van (minibus)

  • used for transfers from the airport to the hotel.

  • 8 passengers comfortably


At TAT, we believe in being prepared for anything and everything. Our Defender all weather adventure truck is our back-up vehicle in the rare case of a breakdown or emergency. TAT is one of the few companies that keeps a back up truck on hand because we believe in your safety! 

  • 4 passengers comfortably