My name is Ryan Barker and I am currently the Director of Chapapeela Sports Park in Hammond Louisiana. Through the park I am able to reach out to many children, teens and young adults and help make a positive impact in their lives. I was born and raised in Hammond. I attended Holy Ghost School and Hammond High School. I was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship to play football at Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi where I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in business and a Master’s Degree in Education. I have coached football and baseball on the elementary, High school and college level. I have coached as a volunteer, a graduate assistant and a paid member of the coaching staff. Also, I taught freshman level courses at my alma mater, Hammond High School. A turning point in my life was my first trip to Africa.

At first what seemed a completely different world was way outside of my comfort zone. But as I got to know Said and the people of Tanzania I realized that we all want the same from life; the opportunity to live peacefully, to contribute to our communities and provide adequately for our families. Through Tanzania Adventure Tours we will give back to the wonderful people of Tanzania through our non-profit organization, Enrich Tanzania. Through all of these experiences I’m thankful to have my fiancé Celine and our son, Reid, by my side. 

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A sister organization to Tanzania Adventure Tours is Enrich Tanzania, a non-profit organization dedicated to giving back to the incredible people of Tanzania. Important projects include providing a clean, year-round source of water, a more affordable and accessible basic education for their children and the chance to move from basic subsistence living to a future of limitless possibilities.

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My African Safari was phenomenal and it was because of the experience I had with Tanzania Adventure Tours. Promises of an experience of a lifetime was not empty. I’ll be back to Arusha, the Serengeti and all areas of Tanzania again and it will be with TAT.

Andre B

Hands down the BEST experience of my life! Tanzi Tours provided more than I ever imagined could happen on a safari! TOP NOTCH from the moment we arrived until we left! Going back for my 3rd trip this November! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


Our trip was unforgettable! We even got a little time for me & my husband because the local nanny- was so good with the children. Every staff member was meticulous and professional. We always felt cared for and everything felt so luxurious. They saved us so much by arranging our excursions and gave us the best recommendations for local color.