Serengeti National Park


With more than 70 large mammals and more than 500 bird species, animal watching is just par for the course when you explore the Serengeti. The Serengeti boasts a melting pot of habitats including swamps, grasslands, woodlands, and more. Tour with Tanzania Adventure Tours to see the Serengeti up close and personal.

The Serengeti is the most iconic park in east Africa -- with the famous Great Migration that covering an area of over 700 miles from Masai Mara game reserve in Kenya to the Serengeti national, Ngorongoro conservation area, maswa game reserve in Tanzania. Visiting these areas in December to mid August, will give you the opportunity to experience major wildebeests activity. It is a phenomenon which needs to be observed. From the birthing season in the southern plains to the conceiving season in the western corridor, and the famous Mara River crossings in the north. Many people time their safaris specifically according to the rhythm of the migration. Seronera valley, in famous central Serenget, is good to visit all year around since water and food isn't a big problem here when other areas in the park experience drought. It also has a good network for game drives infrastructures. The northern areas of Lobo, Bologonja and Kogatende are the areas in the Serengeti park with unique landscapes and plenty of other animals, including all type of cats. It is also famous in September to early November when migration starts heading back to southern plain in Serengeti.