Our focus is to provide their guest with a different kind of hospitality and safari adventure through TAT and give something back to the people of Tanzania via Enrich Tanzania.

The Barkers have always had a passion for traveling and experiencing the world. Their love of adventure led them on a quest to see the other side of the planet and this quickly led them to Tanzania. Their guide on their first foray into Africa, Said Kambelenje, very quickly became their friend and eventually their partner in Tanzania Adventure Tours and Enrich Tanzania.


Making a Difference in Tanzania Africa


A sister organization to Tanzania Adventure Tours is Enrich Tanzania, a non-profit organization dedicated to giving back to the incredible people of Tanzania. Our goal is to help Tanzanians enjoy the basic opportunities that we take for granted every day. Important projects include providing a clean, year-round source of water, a more affordable and accessible basic education for their children and the chance to move from basic subsistence living to a future of limitless possibilities.

One of our first projects is to acquire a property in Olisity in Arusha, build an early learning center for children from 4 to 6 years old and install a well to provide clean drinking water for the school and families of this community. Future funds will be channeled into providing a safe playground for the school and children of the area.

From the first day of our first visit in 2006, we have felt a sense of belonging and a true friendship with the people of Tanzania. Through Enrich Tanzania you can also be part of the effort to thank them for their unique brand of hospitality. Every penny donated will be properly accounted for and spent only on projects that benefit ordinary people and help them get a step or two closer to a better, healthier life for their children and families. Together we can make the world a little better. Make someone smile today by donating to this very worthwhile cause. We at Enrich Tanzania and the people we intend to help will forever appreciate every donation. We will also keep you updated on developments concerning the projects as they unfold.